Sunday, January 27, 2008

Saturday Night

We all watched Rambo last night, and it sucked. We ended up walking out half way into it so if someone knows how it ends please tell us. We were just hoping for Rambo to break a hip trying to jump. So on to Saturday night......

My girlfriend is a little camera shy so she didn't mind not being in the pictures. Then once I sobered up a bit I realized how fucked up that was, but the night was all innocent. Orgies did not break out which was a let down, but all & all it was cool.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

What's HOT

Going through my stats I realize their are sicker minds out there with these searches:

  • first time fucking with blood

  • underage fucking

  • what to say to my ex girlfriend when im talking to her on the phone

  • You Sick Fuck

  • fucking with food

  • fucking bastard inc t shirts

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  • hung over dry heave

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It seems that my blog has a theme of blood and sick fucking. Now that I combined them all in one post all the sick fucks out there can come to this post. Welcome, You Sick Fucking Bastards.

An update to the handicapped, he never came to work yesterday so he lost the 1 hour time frame of an apology so he's screwed come Monday.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Slasher Fridays Returns!

Saw 4

After a long delay, Slasher Friday's returns, at least for tonight.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mentally I Made Fun of a Crippled

Their is this guy at work that is handicapped, and when I say handicapped I mean he has no legs. I only see him.....I'm wondering how I can say this without sounding like an asshole......I always seem to see him "zooming" across from me in his chair pretty fast. So today when I was walking I merely looked down at his legs for what had to be a half a split second and he asked what the hell I was looking at. I said "nothing". Then he got into this whole speech about when I said "nothing" how it was implied about him not having legs. I had to laugh because it was so fucking stupid and blown way out of proportion. I have no problems with the handicapped. I just have a problem with this asshole. Now I have a handicapped enemy. Good, just add your name to the queue. My boss told me and 2-wheeler to come in the office and discuss this and we fixed the problem, but in our hearts we know whats really up. I really can't live with myself beating up the handicapped. Plus I'm sure their is something against that.

And if you are handicapped and you read my blog, do know that I mean no offense. I treat all you people the same, kidding. Watch, tomorrow I'll be all bruised up. But I'm going to fix the situation the way I would want to be treated. I'll see him tomorrow and I'll apologize for any disrespect that I might've shown and I'll expect the same from him or else we're gonna have some problems. No, I can't have problems. It'll backfire, it always does.

Since I'm already going to hell for talking about the handicapped, let me just continue with old people. This old lady today, she had to be approaching 194, she was driving exactly 42 mph on the interstate. I couldn't fucking change lanes because the traffic was backed up. I kept honking my fucking horn and she didn't hear me! I even fucking banged my head on my steering wheel in frustration of honking the horn and she still didn't hear me! I was fucking late for work because of her! I should've known today was going to be one of those mother fucking days! It seems to be a daily thing with old people. I tell my parents these stories and they always tell me that I won't be the one to take care of them when they get old. I could only imagine what it'll be like for them old and in a wheelchair with me.

Now that it's out I feel much better. aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

So You Had A Bad Day

Over the years I've had some less than stellar days. Today is actually a good day. I've compiled a list of bad days I posted on the blog over the years.

So You Had A Bad Day......

I picked up smoking purely for the cancer because I just didn't give a fuck about living anymore.

So You Had A Bad Day......

Too bad the millions of animals had to die during my childhood to realize this.

So You Had A Bad Day......

I would've ended up pushing her out the window and fleeing to Canada and that would just delay sex.

So You Had A Bad Day......

Idolizing serial killers is this years theme.

So You Had A Bad Day......

Life sucks and sometimes I wish I was dead.

So You Had A Bad Day......

What's the point of going to your lives of work. You work, you go home you work you go home until eventually you die.

So You Had A Bad Day......

I go shopping for razor blades and dream of a happier time.

So You Had A Bad Day......

Some days I wish that when I go to sleep that I wouldn't wake up.

So You Had A Bad Day......

Christmas isn't Christmas unless you tell real life murder stories.

So You Had A Bad Day......

Years ago their was a story about this high schooler that was mixing the ice cream in this ice cream shop and one day he cut his finger off in the machine.

So You Had A Bad Day......

I like this new attention I'm getting. It's like I'm dying of cancer and I don't even know about it.

So You Had A Bad Day......

All you can do at this time is accept that life just fucked you royally up the ass again and it continues to drill deep.

So You Had A Bad Day......

They push you around knowing that you can't push them back because people will say "Oh look at that mean guy stuffing that old person in the trash".

So You Had A Bad Day......

Three days and counting. I haven't smoked one in three days. Peer pressure! It's like the Arabian man and the corner grocery store is my pimp and if I don't smoke those cigarettes, he's gonna beat me.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

R.I.P. Heath Ledger

Darkness will give way to light

Sounds like it was an overdose but whatever reason, life has a way of stopping when you least expect it.

A moment of silence

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Years ago their was a story about this high schooler that was mixing the ice cream in this ice cream shop and one day he cut his finger off in the machine. The missing finger was never found. They never told the customers and continued to serve the ice cream. And every full moon when you're eating a Oreo Cookies 'n Cream ice cream, you can see him in the distance chanting, "Where's my finger? Where's my finger?" True story.

Actually, how the story goes is that he did cut his finger off in the ice cream but they found it but couldn't reattach it. I saw him once. And he is actually missing a finger, cool. How embarrassing, losing a finger by ice cream. So to this day I get this feeling that I'm going to find a finger in my ice cream. Funny how that would be the one thing I worry about finding in ice cream. Kinda like finding a prize in a cracker jack box but it's something you really don't want. I had some ice cream today and it tasted "fingerish" and I remembered the story.

And that was today's wonderful flashback story. Memories last for a little while, but losing your finger in a ice cream mixer is forever.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Deer Eat Deer World

First of all, I shaved. Second of all, I ate deer meat tonight. You can take the redneck out of the hillbilly but you can't take the hillbilly out the redneck. I can never look at Rudolph the same way now. I had to take in the full aspect of being a hick. And ya know, I don't like it. It does not taste like chicken. It taste like shit. No matter how much salt and pepper you put on it to hide the taste, it comes back at you and hits you hard. I had to come home. I just don't feel right anymore. It was all my girlfriend's idea. She likes eating deer, so I just decided to try it. It's too bad she is a recovering alcoholic or else I would've gotten drunk to forget I ever ate that.

So side note for You Sick Fucking Bastard: Deers fucking suck! Do they gorge on shit all day to get that shitty taste? It felt like it was sucking all the saliva out my mouth.

Where's My Four Leaf Clover?

The popular president of one of Atlanta's most prestigious prep schools gave a rousing talk to the faculty about the new year. Hours later, he apparently jumped to his death from the eighth floor of a hotel.

Yesterday in my support group, we were told to write something that we plan on doing a year from now and speak about it. I didn't care about what I will be doing next year. All I wanted to do is just be happy. It's a goal I think is achievable. A couple of days ago I was just cleaning up some things, I ran across an old newspaper that I had kept. I kept the article about my friend's accident from awhile back and it just brought back all these bad memories. The memories were good but the fact that he is dead just made them bad. Then I got angry at myself for keeping something like that. This whole fascination with death is all I think about. Like the quote above about they guy who committed suicide and nobody suspected him to be depressed. I read the article over and over again. Just reading about their life and how it seems perfect on the outside but deep inside their was nothing but deep hurting emotion. The story kind of bummed me out. He had the perfect life with a wife and kids and a great job. He was on top of the world. He even gave a big motivational speech just hours before his death. I don't know if it was the story or not but somehow I don't see myself lasting much longer. The group and friends are helping and I think it's working but I just don't see a bright future. That light at the end of my tunnel is still faint.

I'm going back to school soon because I've changed majors. I want to do something that I want to do and not something everybody else wants me to do. I'll be doing school full time and a job full time so I won't have time to think about all this negative stuff. I'm hoping everything goes right for me after I graduate. I don't have anymore room in my life for another downfall.

One leaf is for FAITH ...............The second for HOPE
The third for LOVE....................And the fourth for LUCK

Monday, January 07, 2008

Sad People Make Me Horny

I'm going for the redneck look. I plan on buying some slim jims and invest in some camouflage clothing for everyday wear. As you can tell, today is a good day. I think things are looking up for me again. I met somebody. I met her next door to my Suicide Support Group. She was at her Alcoholics Anonymous meeting room. We joked at how we are a perfect match, a suicidal person matched with an alcoholic. The only difference is that she knows she's an alcoholic, I haven't yet reached the point of realizing it yet for myself.

A funny thing is happening in my parking lot. About 2 months ago a woman's boyfriend bashed in all her car windows and the police arrested him and blah blah blah. But that wasn't the funny part(or as funny). Ever since that night nobody has parked next to her car. It's like everybody doesn't want their car windows bashed in. I know I won't be the first person to park there. So she parks in the corner and nobody ever talks to her now. I feel bad, or rather I should feel bad. I think it's pretty fucking funny. What are the chances of it happening again? I bet if I look outside my window that I will see the parking spot empty, give me a sec.....nobody there. It's like cursed. It could be packed and people will park somewhere else. Even visitors have been warned. I'm like, "Damn, who is this boyfriend, Vin Diesel"?

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Suicide Mix CD

My friends made me a suicide mix cd. It has all these anti suicide songs from Third Eye Blind's Jumper to Daughtry's It's not over. I'll treat it as more of a sentimental object than something I'll play.

In other news, I think I'm getting a little sick and crazy. I had to take a piss really bad today and I kept trying to find the hole and I couldn't find it. I thought it was some kind of fucked up joke! Then I realized that I put my boxers on backwards. How does that happen? Well that was my highlight today, nearly pissing myself. Glad I could share that with you. Try back tomorrow when I try to wear a hat.

Friday, January 04, 2008

I'm Feeling It

I felt a little depressed today so I put a bottle of aspirin in my pocket just in case. I called my buddy and he worked me through the troubles. My goal of a future is hitting some rough obstacles right now. I'm pushing hard to get past this first couple of weeks and make it all the way in one piece. Some days I really want to die but I feel like my friends and family are holding me back. I don't want to die but I feel like I have no other choice to stop the pain. I can't continue having these bad things to continue to hit me. It's like I'm constantly trying to make my life better but then things happen to push me back down to start all over again. I have my bad and good days. Yesterday was a good day, today is a bad day, wishing for a better tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

HELLO 2008!

Let's bring in the New Year SICK FUCKING STYLE!

Oh and I did get drunk & laid and feel so fucking bad with this hangover but I still wanna fucking party! WOOOOO HOOOOOO!