Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I know everybody is pissed about the gas prices but I'm totally pissed. I recently drove 182 miles and I needed to get some gas. What would usually cost me $25 now cost over $40! It's like I'm driving a fucking tank! I need to buy one of those electric cars or carpool. This is crazy! That's $15 that I'm out now. I was planning on buying some pot but that's fucked now!

In other news, I saw this comic online that was pretty funny but sad because its true.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Cats do oral too!

Why is it always the ugly girls who think they are hot?

What Titney Spears would look like if she was a woman. All that pregancy makes her look extreamly like a pregnant whore. But I'll date her anyways.

No comment.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

You Sick Fucking Bastard!!!!!!!!!

And so it begins. The posts to end all posts. Times are changing for this blogger. Prepare for this site to become a sick fucking site. Enjoy and be disgusted.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Hands On

Shaken but not stirred? That's me. Been exposed to tons of peer pressure but what the hell, I joined in. Hey, its the cool thing to do. Even as a kid I always did crazy things.....or so I've heard. My parents said that I would try to do everything dangerous. For some strange reason, I liked jumping in front of moving cars when I was young. I never got hit but whoooo....what a rush that would be. I would constantly jump off high things. I would talk to strangers even though I knew I wasn't supposed to. But it was just a phase. I never stayed doing the same thing because I would eventually get bored and try something new like taking your parents car out for a joy ride at 11 p.m. to a 3 a.m. concert across the state and hoping they wouldn't find out. They would find out but being caught would be a lesson on how not to get caught later on. But I believed they always knew but just gave up on me knowing that I would get out of that phase. Took a few years but I eventually did. They told me that they would always fear what my new obsession would be next......

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Sexual Harassment

  1. Hello sexy, you tits look extra nice today!
  2. Hey beautiful, with legs like that you must be.....a hooker.
  3. Hey bitch! After work do you want to come and have sex with me?
  4. Can I touch your ass?
  5. Wow, you changed your hair color, is that the only hair you changed?
  6. I want to fuck you.
  7. Do you have any sisters that I can fuck?
  8. Hey, you look different. Did you get bigger boobs?
  9. I don't mind cheating on my wife for you sweety.
  10. When did you lose your virginity?
  11. You have a big mouth Susan, lets make a better use for it.
  12. Let me warn you, if you fall down, the first thing I'm grabbing are your tits.
  13. You slut you.
  14. Ok, after you put all the files away you can come in my office and strip down.
  15. Have you ever thought of posing for Playboy?
  16. Damn! You're fugly! But I'll fuck you anyway.
  17. What's long and pulsating inside you? My dick!
  18. I'm sorry, I seemed to have dropped my pen. Can you bend over on all fours and lift your skirt?
  19. Would you be upset if I threw this bucket of cold water on you right now?
  20. Have you ever thought of selling your body for sex? Or even doing it for free?

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Get Your Damn Hands Off Of Me!

You fucking hobo! I feel sorry for the poor but why feel the need to grab my ass. Gave him change and he slapped my ass. I felt like stabbing his hand repeatedly until it turned blue but I realized that he has even worst things to worry about.........


Monday, August 22, 2005

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Bin Gehaßt zu werden Ich? / Am I To Be Hated?

This post is something I've been thinking about for awhile. My mind is racing at like a million miles per hour. I don't know exactly what to say but when I finish I know it won't be pretty. When I start I know it will all come clear to me. When it is finish, the people that usually read my blog might be disturbed ab0ut me and my ideas. Well here it goes.....

Born in 1889 and died in 1945. A powerful and ambitious man came to me. Adolph Hitler is a hated man but how can you hate him. He grew up with small beginnings and grew into one of the most powerful people in the world. That's fucking crazy! Taking over countries and starting a movement that is still active today. I admire Hitler but hate his ways. The way he acted was cold and calculating. If I was around back then I would be hooked to the radio wondering what he was doing while other kids watch Superman and Spiderman tv shows. If he was still alive I would like to meet him and speak to him and wonder what he was thinking. I pretty sure most people would want to kill him a million times over but how can you? You would probably do the same fucking thing. Think about it, what would you do if you took over a nation and started trying to take over the world?

I hate racism and any byass comments to others. But yet I feel as if I'm losing my mind here. I am not racist, hey my best friends are jewish and black and white. They know that something has been up with me lately. I'll let them read this when I'm finish and comment on it.

Hitler was such a tyrant! and an evil mother fucking prick that got what he had coming. He was power hungry and that was his downfall. Just watched the movie Downfall, pretty fucking awesome movie.

When I was a kid my neighborhood was really racist. We had a black family move in next to us. The people in the neighborhood didn't like it. I would always here nigger, nigger, nigger, fucking niggers all the time. My parents were not racist and taught me that people are always people no matter what they look like. But hate is something hard to hide. I got into a fight with this black kid and he punched me in the nose breaking it. I was so fucking pissed I just shouted I'll hang your nigga ass black boy! To this day, I still remember that and wish I could take it back. As we grew older I apologized and we became friends and still hang out whenever we are in town.

Racism is something nobody in this world can hide from. You see it in movies, you see it in your own fucking neighborhood. You see Mrs. Bennett holding her purse close to her when she sees some "hoodlums" come near. You act differently when you around people that are the opposite race. I forced myself to treat people as if their was no color. My brother is racist. If he hasn't eaten in days he would rather eat food from a white bum then eat off of Oprah's plate. It's fucking ridiculous. That's the only problem my brother and I fight about all the time. We even broken noses over fights like those. Only time will tell though. I feel like calling him now and calling him a fucking retard for being so fucking racist.

All my thoughts of suicide and death are not really something I always laughed at. Sometimes I really do feel like killing myself. So when I write something really serious then it might be one of my really down days. I feel like life is worth nothing now to me. What is the point of trying to be happy when you will feel upset later or eventually. Today I don't feel like killing myself but I feel pretty pissed. Why is it that when somebody has a bad day they have to be pissed off at you which will make you mad and pissed off at everybody else you meet starting a whole new FUCKING CYCLE! Sometimes I wish that one day I could just say fuck you. Fuck you and I hope you fucking rot in hell you smelly whore bitch. It's reasons like that people go fucking crazy.

My uncle committed suicide when I was 14. That probably caused this whole fucked up thing in my head. Out of all the people at the funeral I probably took the pain a lot less than everybody else. I guess I just kept the pain inside and it just gathered up to this. I read his note and looked at all his stuff. I start remembering it and I laugh because his life ended around my age now. After his death I started changing. I became really dark. I became a "goth guy". What the fuck was I thinking. Glad that was a short them phase. But during that time was bascially the time when most of my suicidal thoughts came to me. I started hanging with the wrong crowd and doing a lot of bad stuff. If I stayed in that situation, I would most likely end up dead.

Wow, reading this back sounds crazy. I'm not really a crazy person. It's just me venting at all this bullshit around me. If I wrote this maybe 3 years ago, I might have been pretty detailed and graphic with these stories of mine. I'm really a nice guy, "a people person!" honest.

I wrote this weeks ago and now I'm deciding on posting it. If you feel unhappy about my post then don't be surprised. It's me, so deal with it.

Puppy Love

I like puppies!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Move Closer -- No one will


I will love you
I will be there for you
I will turn away from you
I will fall away from you
I will always hurt you
I will never be you
I will always hurt you
I will fall away from you
I will turn away from you
I will be there for you?
I will love you
I will be there for you
I will turn away from you
I will fall away from you
I will always hurt you
I will never be you
I will always hurt you
I will fall away from you
I will turn away from you
I will be there for you!


You will love me
You will be there for me
You will turn away from me
You will always hurt me
You will never be me
You will awlays hurt me
You will turn away from me
You will be there for me
You will love me
You will be there for me?
You will love me
You will be there for me
You will turn away from me
You will always hurt me
You will never be me
You will awlays hurt me
You will turn away from me
You will be there for me
You will love me
You will be there for me!

Together would remain apart in the end.
Helping each other's heart will never mend.
So it must end and so I must leave.
For your tears will no longer grieve.


Sunday, August 14, 2005

Grandma Makes Cookies!

I love my grandma. She makes me cookies before I go to school. She loves me a lot and she would always do anything for.....Wait, oh no Grandma caught me jerking off again at the picture of Martha Stewart in handcuffs. Grandma :( this is my personal time, my down time, my relax time. Grandma quit staring at me in disgust! I am human!

Grandma is having a bad day. Her prized flowers were shited on by the stray dog again. She is really pissed. She brings out her gun when she is pissed. She shot 3 dogs today so far. She didn't care where or who they belonged to. She told me that she was going to shoot the bitch girlfiend I showed her last time. I prefer to live a few states away from Grandma, as does the rest of the family.

Grandma gets a phone call from a telemarketer. She waits until they finish and tells them to never call again or she would cut their fingers off and stick each one up their asses and feed their tongues to her neighbors inside a fruitcake.

It's Grandma's birthday next week. We want to give her a surprise party but most likely she will have guns. So we will send her a video wrapped in white paper. See grandma doesn't like plastic or anything that is another color. She feels that plastic would somehow get into her face and kill her. She told us that if we send her plastic in the mail then she will kill us all. That grandma, such a kidder!

Well let me look in my video scrapbook and show you a picture of Grandma, she doesn't like taking pictures so we had to take the picture and run out the door.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


What a day. I was late to everything today. It all started with the power going out this morning. Couldn't wake up because the alarm couldn't go off. When I finally woke up I was already 45 minutes late. It usually takes me about an hour to get ready due to the fact that I'm not a morning person and I hate people.

I ran out the door and ran into my ex girlfriend. What are the fucking chances of that happening. She is not only an ex but a very bad break up ex. I broke up with her because she became a little too controlling and always had her friends follow me. First of all I'm not a cheater and if you think I'm cheating then I'm gonna break it off because we don't have any trust in the relationship. Big mistake, then she even got more suspicious. I would sometimes have to sneak out my own window just to make sure she doesn't see me leave. So she got an apartment right near mine so she can always here and see what I do. But this is all a different post I'll might give you a history on later.

We talked as we shared a cab together, didn't want to, but she I sensed was up to something. I had to think of something to leave her so I told the cab driver I had to take a piss and he needed to stop the car. So he stopped and I ran into a store. I made sure she wasn't following me and I ran out the back door. By this time I'm already 2 hours late for work and my fucking cell phone is totally dead because it wasn't able to charge the night before! So nobody could call me.

So here I am late for work and starving and running down an alley. I was already late so what's the point of not getting a quick bite. So I got a bagle and continued to run to work. It was only a couple of blocks by now so I just ran the rest of the way.

When I finally made it to work, the janitor forgot to put up the "Wet Floor Sign". As I ran into the building I slipped and couldn't keep my balance. I fell and broke by ankle, badly bruised by elbow then eventually falling on my face.

Royally fucked! How embarrasing. Me with my leg broken and a bagle still stuck in my mouth. Luckily I was able to get right back up with the help of two of the paramedics and a few people watching.

So here I am writing this blog with one hand and my face killing me on and off (medication). The pain in my ankle has become second nature to me.

All this because of a power outage. Well this was my day. Late for work, ex girlfriend, running away, falling down, badly hurting every part of my body and writing this blog. Can't really sleep because laying on my face hurts. I would have my girlfriend come over and help me but my ex doesn't know about her yet. So I asked my friend to help me get like a few things.

Well gotta go. Medication is making me sleepy so I'm gonna go for it.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Any Comment?

Disney sons of Disney. If you are going to leave a comment have the nerve to give me a name you Disney Disney. I'll rip your Disney heart out and hunt you Disney Disney down and beat the living Disney out of you. Disney loser. I know exactly who you are you Disney faced Disney. I hope you Disney tonight.

Click on the Any Comment title for the unedited version or my rage!

Hiding Behind the Shadow

Here I am world!
Few without less words
I contradict my own intentions
I gather my pride
Watered down sorrows

Made to feel like a bird being hurled
But I nor fly and cannot be heard
Left here to die and hide my discretions
For life has in its own and has its own divine ride
For the road of life begins to narrow

As my body is left curled,
Inside a Heart Shaped Box slurred
The jagged knife seems to be my only transgression
As I guide it towards my swollen heart I cried
Death wants me and now I can't wait until tommorrow

I feel it coming world!
As it all becomes stirred
It's quick and the blood begins to mention
How my past friends were the ones I used to confide
To an end I close my eyes and end my life in the fields of yarrow

Thursday, August 04, 2005

I'm Carson Daly Bitch, Enjoy Yourself

Life sucks. Look at him. That smile. Those braces. Perfect hair. THAT FUCKING TIE! I hate you Carson Daly. You make me feel like sticking a hot knife inside my eyes and cutting them out while eating a side of Apple Jacks. I envy your life. You bang a different girl every night. You have fans. FUCKING FANS! All I have is my right hand to keep me company. You son of a bitch Carson Daly. I named my dead pets after you. Your name is cursed. How could you Carson Daly. Whatever, Carson Daly. What kind of name is that Carson Daly. You sound like a surfer but when people see your face you look like fucking HOBO! Perhaps I'm going to far with this Carson Daly thing. He is pretty cool. Never met him but I'm pretty sure he'll kick my ass.

Where the FUCK IS MY FRAPPACHINO DEBBIE! Thanks, where did I leave off. Ah yes, kicking my ass.

Look at that cocaine smile. He thinks he's funny. Fucking hiliarious. I feel like killing myself. If I leave a suicide note I'll be sure to make 2 copies. One for the authorites and one for Carson Daly. I wonder if Carson Daly will come to my funeral. If only somebody can communicate to me for verification. Maybe I'll call a Dionne Warwick, she might know something being a psycho and all or is it psychic? Yeah, I'll do that. I'll go to Dionne Warwick so that she tells me who goes to my funeral. I'll kill myself and she would call me or something when he arrives. Yeah thats perfect. Ok, now how am I going to do this?

Dear Carson,

I hope all is well in Bollywood and all. Just wanted to write a note telling you how things are going with me and all. Well I've been busy and all writing scripts for top movies as "Womb Raiders" and "Nasty as I wanna be Jenna Jameson", but I digress from my accomplishments. Just wanted to tell you that it's over for me. I'm moving to Paris to pursue my dream of being an out of work artist. Perhaps I'll meet someone famous and get married and be rich but stuff like that happens to people that aren't me. Well gotta go and all.

p.s.-for a suicide letter, it's pretty upbeat.

In all reality, I'm not going to kill myself for now. Why would I kill myself over Carson Daly. What a jackass.

Goodbye folks got things to do so GOOD DAY BITCHES, ENJOY YOURSELF!