Wednesday, September 28, 2005

It was Aborted

I just found out that my sister had an abortion a while ago. I couldn't believe what I heard but she seemed serious. I'm totally against abortion 99%. The only way I would say that abortion should be used is if the mother will die if she gives birth. But just having an abortion because you are not ready to have a child is bullshit! If you feel like your old enough to have sex then you should be old enough to handle the responsibiltiy of a pregnancy. What if she got an STD. Could she abort that?

I'm basically telling you guys what I told her. She hasn't told Mom and Dad yet. She decided to test out on me first since I'm always the most understanding. Where she got that idea I don't know. I was the rebel bad child in the family and she is the least expected person to fuck up in the family.

I didn't know what to tell her. Of course I had to comfort her but I felt that she was in the wrong. I asked her why she felt she had to have an abortion and she told me that "now" isn't the time in her life to bring a baby in the world. She told me it was a mistake. So now I had to see the guy that got her pregnant in the first place behind her back. I know I shouldn't have done that but I think that he had something to do with her having the abortion, and you know how big brothers are.

So I saw him at the mall and took him to the side and asked him if he knew who I was. He told me that everybody knows who I am. We both laughed for a couple of minutes and I got back to the point. We talked about the situation and he told me that he wasn't ready for a kid, the same old shit I always hear. I asked him if he had anything to do with my sister's decision to have an abortion and he paused. I guess he was thinking which decision would be best right now. So he said no. The guy is younger than I am but a bit stronger than me. So for him to be scared of me is reassuring (I have a past full of fights). I knew he was bullshitting me so I just left it alone knowing I would get nothing out of him unless I kicked his ass but I couldn't do it because once I start all the anger would come out and I wouldn't stop until I couldn't feel my hands anymore, then he will never talk.

So I guess I'm the only person in the family that knows now. I'm not gonna tell them. It's her decision and I have to respect it. As for the boyfriend, I'm making sure he doesn't see her again.

This is too much stress for me. First the attempted murder in the apartment next to me and now my sister had an abortion and I'm the only one that knows.

Well I gotta go punch something really hard now.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

It's Time To Leave

It's an early Wednesday morning and I can't sleep. I drift in and out of sleep and realize that I've only been asleep for 10 minutes. It's 2:43 a.m. and I have too much on my head right now. I need some sleep. I go in the kitchen to find as much alcohol I could find so I could drink myself to a coma or sleep whatever comes first. Then I hear this loud shouting coming from the apartment next to me. I'm used to the shouting and I just mind my business. But damn me for wondering why they were arguing in the middle of the night. I was kind of curious. I put my ear against the wall to try and listen to what they were saying.

They've been in the apartment next to me long before I moved into the building. They always seemed like the most unhappiest couple. From what I hear, they've been married for 13 years. Whenever I talk about it I just say it's lucky number 13 and we (friends) laugh. I'm afraid to ask if she needs help or if she wants my help because I fear she might do something crazy or her husband might even kill me. Their fights are daily but this night was different somehow.

I heard her crying really loud while I was listening to them. Apparently he's been cheating on her and the girl went to tell the wife that she needs to leave him and let them live together. Then I heard a loud sound like a thump or something. I didn't hear anything for what felt like 10 hours. Then I heard somebody mumbling. I heard her then call him a bastard. She kept shouting you bastard, you bastard! He must've hit her because she sounded different but I never heard a word from him which made me wonder that she must've hit him.

I wanted to call the cops but I felt like something was holding me back. Then I heard screaming in the hallway. Me now wide awake, thinking that shit like this only happens in the movies. I then heard the guy knocking on the doors trying to get someone to help. I knew that they knew by now that something was going on. I was hoping that he wouldn't knock on my door. I looked through the peephole in the door to see what was going on and then that's when he hit my door. The sudden blast on the door knocked me to the floor. He was screaming help, she's a maniac and she's trying to kill me. I think now was the time to call the cops.

So I picked up my cell phone and dialed 9-1-1 and reported an emergency. The operator told me that it has already been reported and cops should be here any second now. So I just sat on the floor wondering what to do now. I looked through the peephole to see what was going on and I saw nothing. Some of the neighbors had their doors ajar to look out. It's now 4:06 a.m. and nothing is going on. It's like whatever happened that pass hour never happened. So I just went to bed and pretty much kept my eyes open until it was time to get up at 6:00 a.m. I was tempted to run down the fire escape or run screaming down the hallway. I decided to take the hallway.

I opened my door slowly and walked out of my apartment very cautious. Then I heard another door open. It was Todd, a person that lives 2 apartments down. I guess he heard it too. We whispered to each other to run as fast as we could to the stairs. So we did and he fell. I couldn't help but laugh because we could be doing this for no apparent reason. As I grabbed the door to the stairway I saw blood. That's when Greg vomited on me and the site of him vomiting made me vomit.

Now covered in puke we ran down the stairs. We ran into one of the ladies that worked in the office. She asked us what happened to us and we told her what happened. We asked her did she hear what happened to the couple in the apartment upstairs. And she told us what the police told her.

She said that the woman stabbed her husband in the back and tried to kill herself saying that if I can't have you then nobody can. The police were able to stop her from killing herself and her husband. The husband is in the hospital recovering. But I still can't believe this happened right next to me and I did nothing. Not even in a million years would I expect that he would ever cheat on her or for her to try and kill him.

Well here I am. Not in my apartment but at a friends apartment because I plan on staying away from Apartment Hell for awhile.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

When Will the Violence END!

Sure the zoo was an awful place but life is better. No need to kill.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

It's Almost Halloween!

I can smell the spirit of Halloween coming near. Oh I can't wait. It's my favorite time of the year. It's the time I can dress like a psychopath and not scare people as often.

This picture may upset a few people but its pretty fucking funny in a disturbing way. So Happy Early Halloween all you sick fucking bastards everywhere!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Whoa! What a day!

Some days are just worst than others.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Moment of Silence

My blog always gets your attention when you see it so this day won't be any different.

What can I say? Nothing anybody can say will make anything better. It feels like, nevermind, I can't really feel anything. This picture will haunt the lives of generations to come. Just knowing that people were inside the plane and inside the building just makes me wonder how a person can do such a thing. How much hatred for a country can you have to hurt so many people. How much love for one person are you showing by killing other people and yourself? Years later I still can't figure that question out. Everybody needs to take a day off and just reflect on life. A lot of people tell me that putting in the move Pay It Forward helps deal with a day like this. I just watched it and it was really good. If only everyone did what that kid did than maybe this world would be a better place.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

That's Just Not Me :(

People think I just sit in the darkest corner thinking about suicide and listening to music about death. Well that's just not me, today. Today I am going to see how long I can hold my breath underwater until I pass out.

Rough Solar Patches of Skin Infested with Crabs

Looks like Beyonce has been banged one too many times. It looks a little sand paperish in that area. It's like you see her face and you are like wow she looks really hot, yes her arns are sexy, yes look at that chest, look at those legs, wait what's that! What the fuck happened down there! I bet she's not even wearing panties! But I'll do her anyways.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

She was loved.

Remember, beauty is only skin deep? But I can be wrong.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Am I flagged yet?

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Red Death

As I bleed to death I remember a time of great saddness.

The couple wouldn't leave. They stayed with their 2 children and never left. When it hit, it was too late to leave. It was terrible. The 2 children never had a chance. They died instantly. The mother was more heartbroken than the father but the time for mourning was not quite safe yet. They had to fight for their own lives. Trying to escape the deadly cluthes of death. They finally found something to hold on too. They saw rotting dead bodies all around them but had to hold it together for each others sanity. Then out of nowhere she was struck. Something underneath her hit her so hard it broke her left leg. She was scared but could not feel a thing which made her even more scared. He felt as if he could not do anything to help her. It was like he was running towards her but she seemed to move further away the closer he got to her. He had a nervous breakdown. Having to lose his kids and now his wife was too much for him. Then out of nowhere he heard a helicopter. He shouted as loud as he could so that they could hear him. But they could not see them. He ripped off his blood soaked shirt and waved it in the air so that they could see them and finally they slowed down and helped them. His wife barely holding on he felt that now he can relax because help is here and they will help his wife. They began to fly again. His wife is now talking again but still is in tremendous pain. The helicopter begins to slow down. He looks outside the window and sees nothing but a small area of land with nobody there. He asks the pilot what are they doing?! But they do not answer him. They land and tells them they need to get off here but that they will return. The husband upset about this says no. He pleads with them to just take them somewhere his wife can be saved but they help them both of the helicopter and leave them there.

This story is part fiction. Somebody told me that a husband and wife were left on a bridge by the helicopter because of Hurricane Katrina. The wife died because they never came back/came back in time to help them. It's things like this that makes me believe that government waited too long to help the people of Louisiana. I hope the government is happy now about this. What did they expect when a Category 5 storm headed towards an area already below sea level would do?! It makes me fucking sick that I saw photos of the dead floating on top of the water and looters shooting. What has this become? Is their anything we can do? All the money and food in the world would not make this any better. Lives are ruined forever. And people are still dead and missing. This is why people should not underestimate the power of a hurricane. People say that they will "ride the storm out", but when the storm becomes too strong, it's too late.

Well I'm going to finish this post before I go out and start fighting people to get my anger out.

Thursday, September 01, 2005


They are closing gas stations here. Glad I got my gas already. I feel as if I have to sell my body to get enough money for gas. Hey, I'll give my body away for a $1. It's crazy here. People are stealing gas. People are fighting people. Honking, giving them the finger, cursing and other stuff in anger. I do that stuff whenever I get a chance but for everybody to do it is unreal. They say that they are trying to profit from the hurricane.....if they are I hope they rot in hell! They should just raise the price as high as they are going to get it so that they can stop raising it throughout the day. They are even putting $20 caps on gas. Well fuck it.