Friday, July 27, 2007

I Played Frisbee Golf!!!!!

I just played the best thing in the whole wide world! A frisbee! It's like golf. You throw the frisbee in a goal kind of like a hole in golf. The goal is about so far off the ground. But I soon realized I get pleased over the smallest things and realized how totally lame I was for playing it for about half the day yesterday, sigh. It's definitely a sport you couldn't do often. It gets pointless, so that's why we modified the rules a bit turning it into Frisbee Golf Tackle Football which we should've known how that was going to end. So we would arrange in football formations and throw the frisbee and try to tackle the other opponent. It was funny just tackling people throwing frisbees. Eventually somebody almost broke their leg and so the game had to end. I'm a little bruised up today, and my back and neck was killing me this morning. Who knew a frisbee can cause so much pain.

So my formerly ex girlfriend is moving. She's leaving Monday morning and starts her new job on Wednesday. We are gonna throw one helluva a party as a going away present. Perhaps she'll wanna play Frisbee Golf Tackle Football, or maybe we'll just surprise her.

My other recently ex girlfriend is doing ok. I'm going out tonight with her friends to watch The Simpsons.

And now I have to get another ice pack to put on my neck.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Sorry For The Delay

I had a long talk with my ex and I felt that she shouldn't have to wait for me to come around and sacrifice her future. So she's leaving and going back home to her new job which I hope is successful. I've expressed my interest in getting back together and so has she but I think it would be selfish for me to have her stay. We've considered having a long distance relationship where we have social dates with other people. We are able to visit each other on weekends. Well, I don't know. I've never had a long distance relationship before but it doesn't look like I'm going to like it. Any advice?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Infamous New One

I'm considering this relationship more as a close friendship. Kind of like a girl that is a friend but not quite a girlfriend. I believe she is pushing me more into a more serious relationship but I don't want one right now, but who knows how this may turn out later. I still want a little fun.

Well on to my birthday. I got a call yesterday morning from BM to meet her at our usual hangout at 9 pm last night. I said sure and hung up and then realized that uh, I had a date with my friend that is a girl around that same time. I know BM wouldn't do anything to sabotage it so I was able to have dinner with her and be there at 9 "with" my date. Their was a crowd gathered with all our friends and a band. It was the Jeff Buckley cover band we all listened to before. I couldn't believe they did that. It was all BM's idea. It was the best birthday ever. I unknowingly was around BM more than my date and she noticed. We then had a long talk when we got back about what kind of relationship I wanted. So she's just a close friend.

I'll be gone for about a week to handle some things and I'll be back sometime next week or the week after.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Tomorrow Is My Birthday!

My ex told me she planned something for my birthday prior to the break up so she's not taking it back. Whatever it is, it must be big. Other than that surprise I'm getting tomorrow, my girlfriend is taking me out somewhere. She tells me it's a surprise too. All these surprises worry me. A surprise from an ex and a surprise by my psychopathic girlfriend could be the death of me. Then theirs the thought that my ex is getting me a gift and how my girlfriend responded jealous like during our first date might be a bad idea. But then theirs the thought of two girls fighting, hmm? Well we'll see.

The second date Friday was good. I keep forgetting that you have to stay monogamous if you're in a relationship, but I'm horny! We haven't had sex yet. Perhaps a threesome on my birthday tomorrow with both of them. I'm trying not to be horny bastard this time around. Plus I sense if we have sex then she'll start taking the relationship more serious, but it's a relationship, you are supposed to take it seriously. She is almost perfect but I just can't figure out why she is different somehow. I hope she doesn't have a penis, that would suck.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

She's An American Psycho

You know that feeling when you date somebody and you come back home thinking that she might just be the one, the one to probably destroy you emotionally. Well I got that feeling.

I knew their was something weird about her. It started at dinner when out of nowhere she called the hostess a bitch. I had to do a doubletake. She thought I was checking her out. Then she started arguing at me. Then she laughed and told me that she's just nervous. I nervously laughed too and thought "psycho". I think she's bipolar. Just what I need, a jealous girlfriend. Made me wish I wore a cup just in case she wants to kick me in the nads instead of a goodnight kiss. By now I already know this date was going to be a blast. She actually was very calm for the rest of the night. Being the gentleman I am or close enough to it, I gave a kiss goodbye.

Besides the scary encounter at the beginning, the rest was great. We're going back out Friday.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

July 4, 2007.

I'm going through puberty. I'm growing hair in places its never grown before. I started using a regular razor instead of an electric one today and my face is soooo smooth. I can't seem to stop touching myself (edit: can't seem to stop touching my face). My electric razor was the shit. I used to drive and use my electric razor, eat and use my electric razor, have sex while using my electric razor. But I parted with it today. I think I cried, yep I cried. Excuse me, I think I need so time alone with it, give me a couple of minutes.

Now to the topic on hand. I can't seem to find the reason why to celebrate holidays. I always see holidays like this a way for people to forget all about the beginning. I see July 4 as a time when "Americans" took over the land from the Native Americans and celebrate their independence from another country. That's my WTF moment of the week. It's like "Hey, let me move from another country to this land already inhabited by people and separate myself from the country that helped me out. But wait, let me push all these Native Americans already here into reservations so I can build a pool in my backyard". I swear, I think I'm becoming more Emo everyday, but I refuse to get the Chuck Taylor shoes.

I met somebody today. I was at Starbucks (yeah I know, ME at a Starbucks)getting the fucking great Pomegranate Frappuccino and I noticed a girl checking me out. But something about this girl I liked but something about her scared me a little. She reminded me of a rabid deer, in a good way. A little nice but a little rough. I need somebody to slap me around a bit and make me her bitch. Well that's enough enlightenment today. We are going out tonight. So sudden, which leads back to the beginning of the post and why I shaved. Sometimes I think if my life was the bible, we'd all be in hell. Well goodbye.