Thursday, August 31, 2006

I Need A Cure!

I have this cold that I can't seem to get rid of. I woke up this morning sneezing, coughing, headache, body hurting and a little dizzy. Each day it's been getting a little worst. Right now I just have a runny nose but it comes in spurts (ha ha, spurts). My girlfriend has brought me everything to get rid of it. The only thing I haven't tried yet is just resting. So I'm home relaxing and having her cater to my every need. I should get sick more often. This cold is driving me crazy! Does anybody know any home remedies?

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

We have these people move in next door to us last week. They seem like nice people but they won't even say hello when you walk by them. They act like total assholes by not talking to nobody. They think they are better than us. I was thinking of lighting a bag of shit on fire and running to see how they react, wish me luck.

Now where am I going to get a bag of shit? I can't do it myself because that would be a little weird with my girlfriend wondering what the hell I'm doing. I laugh. I do crazy shit like this everyday. She won't be surprised. I would use the dogs but I got rid of it already. I'm thinking way too much into a bag of shit. I'm sure I'll think of something to say "Hellooooooo Neighbor!"

Sunday, August 27, 2006

You Are Not A Unique Snowflake

I wrote this down a long time ago during my dark times. I was just thinking about all the things people have told me and some of the things I've heard people say to others and I just wrote it down over a few months. It's crazy what some total strangers and even friends can say right in your face when you feel like you trusted them all along.

  1. You will not be happy.
  2. You will always fail at whatever you do.
  3. You can't find anybody better than yourself.
  4. You do not look like a happy person.
  5. You will die young.
  6. Your life is worthless.
  7. If I saw you on fire I'd turn the other way and pretend I never saw you.
  8. You make me sick.
  9. I have feelings for someone else.
  10. I can't help you.
  11. Please forget we ever met.
  12. If you died I wouldn't go to your funeral.
  13. You will burn in hell.
  14. You will die lonely.
  15. I don't see a future for you.
  16. You bring bad luck wherever you are.
  17. Why don't you just stop breathing.
  18. Suicide is your answer.
  19. Quit while you're ahead.
  20. I'd rather save a dirty rat from a burning building than you.
  21. I wish you were dead.
  22. You will never win.
  23. You're weak.
  24. If only you were smarter.
  25. I wish I never had you.
  26. I don't love you.
  27. Don't believe in yourself.
  28. Aim low so you won't feel as bad.
  29. You are always so wreckless.
  30. You will never amount to anything.

I have like 10 pages of this stuff. The weird thing about this is that after writing this all down and reading it back then, I didn't feel as bad about my life. I eventually ruined it anyways but got back on track again.

This is my deep emotional face.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Last Night

We got in a debate talking about nudity in horror films. It was split 50/50. We thought nudity in horror films are required to enjoy more. The girls thought that showing a woman's tits and ass in a horror movie is not needed and a horror movie could be just as equally good.

Then we started arguing about the sex in horror movies. Stuff like why does the girl always have to be the innocent virgin about to lose her virginity when the killer always strikes killing her in the most horrible way while just cutting the guy's head off. I thought it was funny. Stuff like that makes me laugh. I think next week is going to be the girls pick of horror movie. It's probably going to be sex and nudity free. It's most likely going to be Casper.

Now if I saw boobies as soon as a movie starts then it's got me hooked for life. The girls wondered why the girl have to always be running in the middle of the forest half naked. Why wouldn't she? Sometimes you just feel like taking off all your clothes and start running in slow motion in the rain.

We eventually just started laughing at stuff in the movie. Like how the people would ask if anybody is out there. We were like "Yeah you retard! He's right behind you with the knife!" And we started laughing when Michael Myers started doing what he does so well. And how always nobody is around to hear her screaming until they see her head in the trees.

And why go back inside the building knowing that Michael Myers is in there? You know he wants to kill you. You actually think you can beat a guy who has been killed like a million times already? But what the hell, you might be the lucky bastard to kill him this time around. Well if they didn't go in the house you'd be pissed because you wanted to see some more gore or the most graphic death scene ever like the scene in H20 where the boyfriends head gets cut off in front of the girlfriend and the girlfriend tries to escape and gets her leg broken, death for her for sure.

I'm really getting into horror movies now more than ever before. I'm curious at what next Friday's pick is going to be.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Slasher Fridays!

It took us awhile to figure out how many Halloween movies are out there. We counted 8 and we are gonna watch every single last one of them tonight. Well we might skip the last one since they kill off the best character ever in horror movies! But the gore keeps pulling us in. Eight horror films back to back? I don't think we'll make it past 4.

Michael Myers in my opinion was the most kick ass killer out of all of them, I feared him as a child. He never made you laugh when watching his movies like Freddy and Jason. He just killed and went on his way without giving us a little humor.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Oh Grandpa

"Why are you growing your hair out long? You look like a fag!"

My grandpa in response to me growing my hair long as a kid. My hair is curly so I have no choice to keep it short. Grandpa was right about growing my hair out long. About half way I decided to cut it down. My hair seemed to grow up and sideways then down and back up again instead of just down. Thanks for that dad! My sister has the long flowing hair that she throws in my face every time I see her. Here's a picture of me a while back.

I love my grandpa. Sometimes I felt that he was the only person who understood me. After calling me a fag for trying to grow my hair long I told him that I was going to get him back when he least expects it. We kid around with each other all the time. We throw a few jokes back at each other and laugh. We both knew that we weren't serious but when strangers hear us out loud, they get kind of worried. Today grandpa is in a wheelchair for a while because he broke his hip when he fell down the stairs. BIG COINCIDENCE, I had nothing to do with that fall! My grandma keeps telling him to take it easy going down the stairs but he's always rush rush. I'm the same way. I've fallen down those stairs like a million times. I'm surprised I'm still alive from Grandma & Grandpa's House of Pain. I'm gonna visit them in a few weeks for the weekend and catch back up on the old days.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Slasher Fridays!

We are starting a tradition every Friday night. We are all gonna watch the goriest sickest most twisted scary movie. This Friday it's gonna be the Scream Trilogy, we're starting off light.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Crazy Focus

Oooooh that's creepy. That's gonna be my first born.

Monday, August 14, 2006

If I See One More....!

Why go to the 20 Items or less checkout station with 2 shopping carts of useless shit!? How many fucking packs of gum are you gonna get?! So much damn Kool Aid packets, so many flavors! I couldn't just walk out of line, they were all full. Then she had to change her mind a million times on which fucking kool aid packet her son wanted. They are like 10 cents each lady, get them all! I was willing to buy all her stuff just so I wouldn't have to wait any longer! I wonder if she noticed the vein popping out of my head when she couldn't get the credit card scanner to work. Oh for fucking crying out loud, it had to come up denied! Why me? Why me! She didn't have enough money for the damn kool laid! I paid for her damn kool laid. I couldn't wait any longer. If it's the kool laid holding her back then it's the kool laid I'm gonna buy. And I just went in to pick up some milk and juice. Where is the humanity!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Parental Probation

Over the weekend last week my girlfriend's brother got a little drunk while we were spending the weekend there. After getting in a fight myself and him being drunk, he was given the talk like usual by his parents and then it was forgotten the next day. That pissed my girlfriend off. She thinks he should be punished a little harder than a talking too. She comes from a good family and her siblings never get in trouble hardly ever according to her. But she tells me that this is a first time for any of them that this has happened.

I stayed with them for the rest of the week and just got back in yesterday while my girlfriend had to come back early. He's been telling me a lot about her family. They are really lenient whenever any of them get in trouble. See the first time I got caught drinking my parents did more then ground me. They made sure I was going to have all the after effects of being drunk without the aspirin. They made sure that I was going to remember that day and never forget it. After they caught me drinking they put me on some kind of parental probation for 3 months which was something they made up. The next day I couldn't go to school because I was too wasted to do anything but they woke me up bright and early in the morning to do some work a few miles out of town for the entire day. My dad took me to a construction site to be some kind of errand boy. The noise was killing me and I couldn't take anything to stop the headache. Tears were coming out of my already bloodshot eyes. It was so painful. When I left I was so weak and I couldn't stop my hands from shaking and I felt worst than I did that morning.

For the 3 months of parental probation, I had to be home everyday no later than 9 pm unless it was a school night in which I had to be home by freaking 5 pm. If I came in 5 minutes late that was inexcusable then I would have to add another month to it. My allowance was cut in half for those 3 months and I had to do charity work somewhere for 1 day once a month during that time. And one of those charity works would have to be talking to a group of people about what caused you to be there. In my case, drinking, I had to write a report and present it at a AA meeting in front of about 40 people. After doing all that I never was on parental probation again. I made sure of that. My brother on the other hand was on their a few times. Each time you were on parental probation you would have an additional month added to it. I think he kept messing up and had to be on their for 7 months. They told him if he got in trouble one more time during the parental probation then the cops will get involved. He thought they were bluffing so he messed up and my parents made him go in front of judge. He didn't mess up again.

My parents are very strict and made sure that we paid the full price for drinking underage. The only time you were put on parental probation was when you endangered the life of yourself or others. It's understandable but jeeez! Our little sister "miss perfect" has never been on the parental probation but I know she finds ways of looking innocent.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Oh I, I just died in your arms tonight!

It's so hot outside. I can feel the blood in my veins boiling! I hate the summer. The hot weather and the constant sun burns and other things.....

I need the tan. I feel like I'm turning albino. By the time winter comes around I'll be camouflage with the snowflakes.

I spent the entire day yesterday shirtless. Went to the store shirtless, went to the post office shirtless, and pretty much stayed my ass indoors the rest of the day shirtless. If I could, I'd walk around everywhere naked. That would be so cool and relaxing. I already walk around here naked sometimes. My girlfriend is used to it. She asked me why am I naked when I can turn on the AC. I told her that it would just be weird if I was just naked for no apparent reason. I know, she doesn't understand it either.

Later today we are going to the park to have a FUCKING PICNIC! I don't do picnics but she's forcing me to do it anyways. It's too fucking hot outside. Why eat where it's hot when you can eat where it's nice and cool. I even offered to take her to the finest restaurant in the city everyday for a week but she wanted the damn picnic. I hope I get food poisoning so I can prove to her that it was a bad idea while I'm telling her "I told you so" while I'm vomiting the rest of the night.

Well I'm off to hang outside with "Poindexter" and my cousin Ralph until I have to go to the ..... picnic.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Little Big Brother

I got a call from my little sister today. My sister is really personal and she never talks about what's going on in her life to any of us and especially not my parents. But today we talked for a long long time about her life and what's going on. Apparently things are a bit rocky back home. It seems like she's walking the same path I walked at that age but not that extreme, my parents made sure that wouldn't happen again.

Without getting too personal about her situation, it has to do with the relationship she's in. But what I have to say about the situation is that I don't like it. I was tempted to come back home within minutes of the call. I am really pissed off at this situation, but she is growing up and she is old enough to learn from her decisions and I can't always fight all her problems. She calmed me down enough for me to stay but I'm really tempted to just leave. And she promised that she'll think about it for awhile and call me back tomorrow with her decision. I'm not gonna sleep at all tonight. I need some alcohol to calm me down.

So after I here her "right" decision I'll blog it tomorrow, then I'll leave to kick the guy's ass.

After the call she said she appreciates me and knows that I am always there for her when she really needs somebody that won't judge her to talk to. I feel that I'm not a complete asshole and that somebody still needs my help sometimes.