Thursday, December 31, 2009


I made it another year. What a year. With alcohol poisioning, my ex getting married, my other ex getting knocked up and me almost being a dad, oh and the depression. I decided to post something before I'm too drunk to blog clearly.

So here's to another year. Why make a resolution that im going to break the same day. Im waiting for my ride. I'm the dd on the way but when we return I don't know. I'm drooling at the thought of drinking. And people say I have a problem. And I say fuck them. My rides here, happy new years!


Diane said...

rough year for me too...

hang in there. unless we die or the world comes to an end we'll have to make it through another one.

i'll hope for us both that it's a better one.

Anonymous said...

I like New Years resolutions. I rarely stick to them but I do really like them.

This year I'm going to go from 202.5 pounds to 175 pounds by May. Then I'm going to beat Oprah's marathon time. And after I'm done with that I'm going to achieve financial independence.

Pretty good huh?