Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's Been Awhile

I keep meaning to come write something. Today is no better than any other day so I decided to give an update.

As for my relationship status, I'm still dating the older woman. She told me she's divorced so I'm kind of knowing how she is feeling now. My mind isn't focused to look elsewhere so we're still together in a way.

As for my depression, still here. I'm off the bottle. Well off the bottle continuously. I'm taking alot of meds. A way to kind of numb the pain away. These meds kind brings out my mood swings more severe than before. When I take them I'm ok. As it starts going away I become more irrational. So these up and downs kind of keep me busy. I'm starting counseling, again. I want to be somewhat normal for the holidays and not be too doped up. Ten years from now I see myself in a psych ward.

I think I'm losing my sense of humor. Hopefully when I'm off the meds I can laugh at something. When is their something funny happening to somebody else when you need it?

Well, I'm out. I'll find a way to keep you guys more updated more often. Thanks for your support, goodbye.

1 comment:

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